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Winfried Steiner was born into old, rural, conservative and traditional Austria. He is a child of hard work, moral values and an endless love of nature.


As a young man he followed the path that had been laid by his family’s business. He became a highly skilled metal smith; a man to his trade.


The thunder of metal on metal, … that rhythm, it transfixed him.

It spoke to him.


With introspection he started to translate this beat and use it to express, … himself and … to encourage discussion with other human beings.


His outlet are his drums and his art is






                                                    and polished.


His message? Peal back the layers, be inquisitive, be honest, let it be painful, let it out, be part of it, help build it, ... leave footprints. 


Turn the rough into a mirror and see what your reflection says about you.


Master your craft and play with illusions.



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